Monday, September 17, 2012

A stock grandma would be proud of

All the more so because I don't believe my grandmother has ever made a soup stock in her life, but that's besides the point. Isn't it pretty? Clear and fortifying and so very flavourful. It's a stock anyone's grandma would be proud of I think. And best of all, it's all home made, and uses things (like the chicken bones) that otherwise would have been tossed. It's both recycled, and made from scratch. And the best part? Tuesday, when I add chicken, carrots, onions and pasta and turn it into a proper soup, the weather is supposed to be chilly and drizzly. Perfect soup weather!! Though, in my opinion, any weather can be soup weather...
Next on the docket is a nice creamy mushroom soup. I dehydrated a quart of portobello mushrooms earlier in the season with just such a soup in mind. I'm searching for a good recipe. Any suggestions?

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