Sunday, September 16, 2012

Soupy Sunday

Or more specifically, broth. I'm making up a chicken broth with a few left over carcasses today, and then tuesday I'll make a proper chicken noodle soup out of it. I love soup. Soups of all sorts. And as the season creeps onwards and I feel the first whispers of fall in the air, I can't help but want soup, soup, soup and... what was it? oh yeah, soup. My parent's house looks like a Campbell's soup warehouse throughout the year, but the Sheehan's don't stock nearly as much of the stuff. Besides, I wouldn't mind cutting out some of the salt and ingredients I can't pronounce, so I'm experimenting with making some soups myself. The squash was less than spectacular, tasty, hearty and warm, but disappointing in colour and overall shelf appeal. You learn from trying though, and I can't wait to taste this chicken soup!

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