Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's Cool, I've got CAA

This is my fiance's truck on the back of a flatbed tow truck this morning. Yep it's still black out. That's because it's 5:00 this morning. He had just finished a night shift and was on his way home. He made it most of the way with everything kind of acting funny, and then everything in the truck slowly died. About 5 minutes from the house she gave up the ghost. Power steering went, engine died. Night night truck. We figure it's the alternator, not too many other things it can be.
Around 5 I get a knock on my bedroom door. It's his mom. She's summoned the whole family... apparently the plan is to all go and push. Push where? I'm not quite sure. Home? Into the adjacent plaza? I don't really know what the plan was, except that it was 5 am and involved physical labour. Which is when it dawned on me: wait a minute, I have that brand new shiny CAA membership that I haven't even peeled off the paper backing yet. Of course, I realize this half way to the scene, so we turn around, go back to the house, and I grab the precious little card.
Not that I'm making out to be a big hero here or anything... a new alternator will be no laughing matter, but hey at least the tow was free. I was just too lazy to push a ford ranger up the hill at 5 am. Can ya blame me?

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