Friday, September 7, 2012

Off to the battle of Backus Mills

... well the title pretty much says it all. This afternoon we're off to a conservation area near port rowan at a historic flour mill that was fired during the war of 1812. Think of flour being kicked up in clouds like dust in a flour mill, and then realize that flour is highly flammable. Back in the day it went up with a big fireball, and scared the bijesus out of all the locals. Great fun. Now there's a bit of a pioneer village at that location, and we show up and re-enact the battle once a year. Unlike Black Creek, Chryslers farm, Westfield, or some of the other bigger, busier pioneer villages, there simply isn't enough staff there every day to give it that lived in feel. The products produced aren't used anywhere in the village, and they plant a huge vegetable garden every year for appearances sake, and never use the produce that comes out of it. When we show up we swarm like locusts on that garden and cook up the produce throughout the weekend, it's a good time. Usually there are squashes galore, so I'll be bringing brown sugar and butter and roasting up some squashes for our potluck.

I'm off to pack! Later!

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