Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kitchen Confessions:

I can't cook rice.

It's so simple, the directions are written on the back of every package, and the average college student who can't work a can opener, can cook rice. But I can't. Either it's crunchy and mealy, or turns to mush... It's not something I enjoy eating, and therefore I haven't really put a lot of work into perfecting the art.
But, my mother-in-law to be had to work late last night, and left dinner plans behind that involved boiled rice. I thought ok... I can do this! But I won't do plain white boiled rice... I can hardly stand it. So, I boiled the rice, and then decided to fry it up with onions and mushrooms and red peppers. Except that the rice was overcooked and mushy and when I started stirring it around in the frying pan, it turned out looking like mashed potatoes. And mashed potatoes in a frying pan made me think of latkes, so we turned them into "rice cakes".

Andrew and his mom heard of my incompetencies, but the rest of the family just thought rice cakes were a new flavour I was introducing them to. I must say, they tasted pretty good. We had that with chicken thighs baked in bullseye barbeque sauce... It was delicious... but Darlene will never ask me to cook rice again I fear. Just as well I suppose!

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