Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Dress

One of the few details of the wedding that will be true to the original plan is that my mom and future mother in law are still making the dress. Afterall, we already bought the fabric. The style however will be a little more modern, something that will flatter my figure a bit better than the 1812 dresses do. Today we picked out the pattern. We weren't incredibly keen on the dress as a whole, but I LOVE the way the bodice is shaped, and the nearly square neckline will look great on my figure. It is an empire waist, but then there's a funny ruched section over the belly that would make me look pregnant. We're gonna cut that part out, we can make up our own skirt, that's fairly easy. (Says the girl who will have no part in the sewing...) Wish I could post pics of the process, but Andrew reads this blog, and it wouldn't be proper to let him see the dress before the wedding after all... pics will follow in about a month I promise.
We also got the marriage license today, so once we send out the deposit to our officiant we'll be pretty well sent!

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