Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So Much Has Happened...

And it's only been a week since my last post!!
We are nearly finished the dress and it is beautiful!! I am so totally in love with my wedding dress it is turning out better than I dared to hope. Again, pictures will follow after the big day, but until then I don't want to wreck the surprise for a certain sweetheart of mine who reads this blog.

There has also been a flurry of other wedding activity happening. His ring has been ordered, mine picked up, sized and polished. He's rented his suit. The flowers are ordered, the wedding party re-organized, and everybody has at least some idea of their role. We're on the right track. There's lots more to do, but there's lots getting done.

I'm also taking care of things that should really get done before we contemplate moving far from "civilization". Things like doctor's appointments, and dentist appointments and trying to set the same up for Andrew when he gets back home. We're also having a cap with roof racks and a hitch put on his truck. That'll come in handy when we try to move. Nearly triples our packing capacity.

 I am missing him terribly already, and he's only been gone since Monday. We dropped him off and waved good bye at the bus terminal in Barrie, and he took the Ontario Northland bus to Sudbury for base hospital training. He passed it with flying colours!!! He got 49/50 on his written test, which is pretty amazing. I'm so very proud of him!! But this was also the last step between us and the great white north. This is it folks, the job is his, and he is a base hospital certified primary care paramedic. Buckle up, we're headed north!

We still don't know where exactly we're going to end up, but we're moving for sure. It's a start. He's on his way now from Sudbury to Moosonee for orientation. He made it to Cochrane tonight, is staying in a hotel, and then taking the Polar Bear Express to Moosonee in the morning. Hopefully by tomorrow night we'll have a few more answers about where we're going and what we'll need to bring with us. He has learned a bit more about the train, and freight rates and the likes of that. He's not coming back until the 21st though, and like I said, I miss him already. Like crazy. I've been in Orangeville the last couple days, and let me tell you, Taffy snuggles are no replacement for Andrew snuggles. She has much pokier paws and much worse breath.

Keeping busy!


small farm girl said...

Wow! Things are zipping right along! Yay for him on his great test score! Good job! Ive got a dumb question. Are you going to have internet access up there somewhere? You are going to have tons of stuff to blog about, so I hope so. cant wait to see your dress! I bet its pretty!

Sam Murray said...

I sure hope we do sfg!! Shouldn't be a problem at all if we end up in moosonee... if we're further north, well, then I"m not too sure but there should be something, it'll just be exorbitantly expensive. Yet more unknowns!