Saturday, February 23, 2013


Well, I can tell from the stats that I've amassed a fair little readership here, but aside from one or two folks who drop me comments all the time, I have no idea who you are!
Grab a cuppa what ever makes you happy and mosey on over to the comments section. Let me know who you are, what you're up to, what new and exciting things are going on in your life maybe? Let me know what your favourite post to read has been so far, and maybe what you'd like to hear more about? Help reassure me that I'm not just talking to the wall!
I'll even break the ice and go first, though I'm sure you know most of this already. I'm Sam, I live in an apartment building in Moosonee ON with my hubby, and hopefully soon a dog, even though the landlord says no. The most exciting thing in my life right now is building up my practice in this northern community, and playing with new concoctions in my very own kitchen finally!! One of my favourite things to write about was tapping the trees and making syrup early last spring (maybe because I'm sad that I'm missing doing so this year... no maple this far north), and I'm not quite sure what I'll write about in the future!
Your turn... please drop me a line or two!


small farm girl said...

Hi! Ive commented on here a few times so you already know me. :)

Sam Murray said...

yep... I was hoping to nudge some of the silent lurkers into joining the conversation lol

Katou said...

Hi Sam! Even if I don't comment often, I regularly read your blog.

What I have been doing lately? Well, with my brother and a friend, we are finishing cutting and splitting our wood for next winter. It was a intense two months that we worked pretty near everyday except when we had a cold spell or too much snowing or had to go downtown for something.

I am really, really glad that it is finished and that I can return to my life!

Now, I want to continue purging the things that I have too much of or don't want anymore. I don't know how long I'll be abble to continue to live in my house so I'm preparing to leave, eventually.

Also, I have crafts to finish: a sweater I started for my son, a quilt that I was supposed to make two squares/month last year but never went further than February because of health problems, etc.

And, I give some time to our little librairy here so I have a direct access to books. I'm an avid reader...

And, I have my blog. I try to write at least once a month because there are not too much new things going on in my life and I feel that I'm repeating myself sometimes...

And, I usually pass a month with my son and his family during the summer because they live eight hours from me.

I would like to see your new environment, maybe a tour of Moosonee?

Also, even if you are with your husband, you must miss your family and friends and your other life?

And, you had promised to show us your wedding dress...

Sam Murray said...

all good ideas, I forgot all about the dress pictures, thanks Katou!!
And yes, I do miss my friends and family, some times are worse than others. I find that evenings seem the lonliest. I call them all pretty regularly though, and talk to them through facebook, and that really does help. But I miss our impromptu spa trips, or just sitting in a friend's kitchen chatting over a mug of tea. And I can't wait until my parents come up to visit in the end of march.