Friday, February 22, 2013

and also, Knitting

 It's not that I've been JUST pursuing hobbies that make my belly hum, I just write about them most often, because I'm really excited at finally having a kitchen to myself. Well, and to Andrew, but if anything it's just more fun having him give me a hand in the kitchen. There's just something to ownership that gives you a whole new confidence when prowling about the cupboards, trying out whatever wacky concoction comes to mind. If I could get my hands on a nice, soft cheese, I've got something like ricotta in mind, then I plan to try my hand at making ravioli next. Maybe with nutmeg and cinnamon in the pasta, pumpkin and ricotta in the filling, and a white sauce with parmesan and pecans.
But, I digress. Yes, my inner foodie has largely taken over, but I do pursue other things as well! Just today I finished knitting a baby sweater I've been working on. It seems a fair number of people in my life are pregnant lately, and all due roughly in the late summer, so I thought it couldn't hurt to start throwing together handmade gifts now. Besides, I do have plenty of time on my hands. This sweater is destined to be a one of a kind though... even if I wanted to, I don't think I could quite replicate the pattern. It came off the top of my head, and got invented as I went along. I'm fairly happy with the results, although I almost think the sleeves should have been a bit longer? Hard to tell with babies, their proportions are all funny, and it's not like I have a huge wealth of experience in that area just yet!
I've also been working, if slowly and intermittently, on the hand pieced crib quilt I started last winter. That one won't be a give away though. That one I'm gonna tuck away in the cedar chest for me own wee lassie, one day.
Now... what to make for the other kidlets coming up this summer? Hmm...

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