Friday, February 22, 2013

Love it!!

I said from the first moment I started contemplating this move that I didn't want to be buying loaves of bread from the store. I wanted, as soon as I had a kitchen of my own, to be creating all of our own bread.
And why not with this much time on my hands?
This is actually the second loaf of bread I've made now with my sourdough starter. It's a little more photogenic than yesterday's attempt, even though that tasted DELICIOUS!!
As we speak, this loaf and it's twin (yep, I made two loaves today) are being auctioned off through a facebook group catering to the folks who live in town here. Neat huh? Gives me a chance to putter more in the kitchen, without making enough baked goods that we both grow fat, and gives me a little gravy to add back into the grocery fund, so I can keep making more delectable creations. Sweet deal.

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