Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Becca said...

Hi Sam,

My name's Rebecca Ford and I'm Andrew Brown's girlfriend. He told me about the difficulties with your new adorable puppy and I wanted to give you some information (although I'm sure you have already looked it all up). I am a huge animal lover and would be so distraught if I was in your situation.

Here is the number to call for questions of the Ontario Landlord Tenant Act. 1-888-332-3234. My sister has called this number in the past and has spoken to people right away, it was very easy and informative.

The following is pasted directly from the tenant act website.

Can a landlord evict a tenant for having a pet?

A tenant can be evicted for having a pet in their unit only if:

the pet is making too much noise, damaging the unit, or causing an allergic reaction, or
the animal or species is considered to be inherently dangerous.
Even if the tenancy agreement has a ‘no pets’ rule in it, the tenant cannot be evicted just for having a pet unless the Board decides in an order that the pet is causing a problem, or that the pet is inherently dangerous.

I hope this all works out for you both. Scout is so sweet and deserves a loving home.


Rebecca Ford

Sam Murray said...

thanks Becca, but we've already found him a great home with a man who has two other huskies. I think he does various winter sports with them, and was looking for a third dog to train for his team. It'll be good for him. I sure am going to miss the little bugger like crazy though. Right now being in this appartment isn't a choice so much as a lack options. It's not worth pissing off half of a small town just now. Maybe the tenant act supports us, but they can't put a force field around our truck to keep the tires from getting slashed or the lights and windows busted. As soon as we're out of here and in a better place I'll take in another lost pup. Maybe even foster for the rescue group up here.