Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Eggs

Up here, one thing I've noticed is that you really do need to find your own reasons to celebrate. You've gotta find a reason to make things special. Otherwise the monotony would drive you batty. So, to celebrate the first day of spring, I decided to dye some easter eggs. This is the first time I've made my own dye rather than using the little pellets that come in the kits with paper egg stands to dry them on. It's stupid easy, I don't know why people bother to buy dye, besides not knowing they can do the same themselves. It's just water, with drops of food colouring, and a table spoon of vinegar to help the colours set. Easy!

This is how they turned out. Not bad for an afternoon of playing with colours.


Katou said...

What a good idea to do with children! Too bad my grandsons are so far away.

Did you leave your eggs long in the colored water?

Sam Murray said...

depends how dark you want the colours... there's about 9-10 drops of colour in each cup... and I'd say I usually left the eggs in for 15 seconds to a minute?