Monday, March 18, 2013

Puppy Mayhem

This is the little bugger we've been calling Scout. On Saturday, as I was leaving the grocery store I opened the door to my truck and this little fella hopped up. He had a brown leather collar on, so I took him around to the people who were hanging out near the entrance to the store. None of them knew who he was, but they said he'd been running around downtown all day, back and forth across the bridge and playing chicken with the traffic. The last thing I wanted was for this little angel to get smushed, so I scooped him up, and brought him home. I've had notices up on facebook and through the local rescue group, and nothing has come of it. Following the local procedures, we told the fire chief today that we've got him, and now we're considered to be "fostering" him for the next three days. If nobody contacts us within that time frame, we get to decide if we'd like to keep him, or find him a new home.
Needless to say, this is exactly what I've wanted since we first started contemplating this move: to take in a local mutt puppy, some sort of husky cross and make it ours. We've sent an email to our landlord explaining the little bugger's circumstances and promising to be really really good puppy parents. The ball's in his court now, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope. So close to getting my puppy!!

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Katou said...

Let's hope your landlord will say "Yes" for the dog; he is so cute. Huskies are so fun to have, but, they are dogs that like to run away.

When my son was living here, he had a dozen dogs for sleighing. He and his girl friend of the moment each had their sleigh with six dogs. They made a lot of excursions in the region during those years.

When he left, he sold many of the dogs and I kept the rest thill the end of their days. When the last one died, a part of our life was turned and it took me some time to realize there were no more dogs here. If I could, I would surely get another dog...

Now, since last summer, my son's family have a husky they got from a musher friend. I was with them when they went to choose the baby dog. This winter, he started to harness her so that she get's used to a harness and he was on his skiis in the back of her. They really like to run; it's in their blood, it looks like.

So, good luck for the dog! It is a lot of work having a dog but, it's unconditional love.