Saturday, March 16, 2013

Still Stalking the Lights

Last night the northern lights were out, but only barely. Apparently the medics in the trailers on the moose factory side could see them well, but said they were dull and kinda sluggish, not really a big deal. From here, all I could see was that the sky was a little lighter over the tree line and our neighbour's garage roof. The lights were below my horizon right here, it was too bloody cold to go for a walk to look for a better vantage point (-30!! It's supposed to be March!), and Andrew had the truck at work. However, the forecasting website I frequent said that last night was merely "active" while tonight is an out and out auroral storm. I'm still clinging to the idea of a date night of the two of us and a thermos of hot chocolate parked out in the open somewhere, taking in the show... and it'll happen, but not tonight. He's working again. I'm gonna have to drive him to work so I can have the truck tonight. I've waited so long to see the lights, I'll have to settle for taking in the show solo this time.