Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Green Babies

Are growing like you wouldn't believe!! Also, I found my digital camera and got it working again, so you can expect slightly better quality photos than the iPod photos I've been using for the last year or so.

Beans and Cucumbers in one windowsill

More Beans in the Laundry room window

Sunflower seedlings!! My favourite flower! I just hope it warms up in time for me to transplant them outside.

This scruffy looking bowl is a salad mix... apparently.... I remain optimistic yet skeptical. I think it got too much sun early on and bolted tall and leggy.

Assorted seedlings that are still small enough to stay in their pods for now... Tomatoes, thyme, a few sunflowers and a bean plant

These are mostly herbs. They were started at the same time, but they grow more slowly. The full row closest to the back are peppers. They are apparently also slow.

And this is the little garlic bulb, that I first planted in the egg shell. I can't get over how tall it is now!

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Katou said...

Your seedlings are doing well.

I see by the window that you still have snow, just like us down here. It's supposed to rain thought so I guess the white stuff will start to melt! And it will be a very good thing for our moral...