Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April is Ugly.

Photo by Paul Lantz
This is what our main street looks like at the moment. The part with the church in the snow could be out of a Christmas card (which is bad enough in April), but those sloggy, muddy, pot holed roads are just awful. Back home my brothers pay good money to go to a mud bog and watch trucks rip themselves apart on courses that look just like this. We get to see it happen daily, and pray that it's not our truck that drops an axle in the slime.
Anyways, this is what our main street looks like. There's a suite of offices (the building with the lions club symbol), the church, and further down the street is the OPP and the LCBO. Out of the frame to the left is the post office. On the other side of the street, behind the camera is a restaurant, grocery store, college, public school and hardware store. And that's about it! Looking forward to the road drying out and the graders being able to cut through the frost enough to actually level out the surface. It'll make getting around much easier. Right now a 5 minute walk takes a 5 minute drive. Not exactly a time saver.

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