Saturday, May 18, 2013


My herb plants were getting too big to still be sitting in their disintegrating peat pucks, so I knew I needed to replant them. Easier said than done. The hardware store carries a few cheap plastic plant pots, but only much larger than would fit in my kitchen window. I could try to use yogurt containers like I've put the beans into, but we've kinda cooled off towards yogurt for a while I think... The same tub has been sitting in the fridge for about a month now (I suppose I should go check and see if it's green and fuzzy... ). Also, for something on display in my kitchen window, I'd like it to look prettier than a yogurt container. I'm vain about my kitchen.
Also, when I bought our sets of dishes, they came with these 8 ridiculous tiny mugs. We are a coffee loving family... we like our coffee. And we like a lot of it. These little cups hold about half of what my normal mug does. Good if you've got a lot of company I guess and you want the coffee to go further, but frankly I'd rather just make a second pot than get stingy with the good stuff. So we had some never used mugs pushed to the back of our cupboard. See where I'm heading with this yet?
They may be too small for coffee, but they're just about right for a kitchen supply of culinary herbs. Also, is it just wishful thinking (and perhaps reflections of the herbs in the glass) or do I actually see hints of GREEN!!!!! in our lawn!?! The last few days have been rather nice, and while the place is still looking a little dull, there is some greening up finally happening out there, little by little.

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Katou said...

How are things going up there for you?