Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ugly Spring

Spring in this land is not a time for lushness, and idyllic flowers sighing on light breezes and baby animals gambolling about. Spring here is just ugly. I can't comment on whether this is the case every year, but this year spring is ugly.
 This is my front yard, looking out towards the road... there's construction debris everywhere which doesn't help things of course, but the sullen earth is barren so far, and everything is painted in greys and browns. There are deep sinkholes in the lawn where the earth was never properly resettled after this place's foundations were dug up. .
 And this is the view along the property towards the rear. I assume the posts mean a deck will be built at some point in the future? Honestly I have no idea. Again, the only thing green are a few patient spruce trees way in the back.

These next pictures I took down by the water, and I must admit they have a rather harsh, striking beauty about them, but it's not quite the May I was looking forward to either.
 Chunks of river ice left high and stacked on the river bank after the flood waters receded. I didn't have anyone with me to photograph, but that stack of blocks is taller than I am. Makes you wonder if spring break up in the rivers in this country weren't the muse for inukshuks.
 More ice littered along the shoreline. Again, the scale of these huge ice boulders is pretty magnificent, but it's hard to appreciate in these pictures
This picture is from a bit of a lookout on a higher bank further along the river. You can really see the colour of the water here. It changes between a muddy brown colour when it gets itself all stirred up, and a flat leaden colour that just looks severe and cold and uninviting.

Welcome to spring in the north. I just finished getting caught up in game of thrones, and I can't help but imagine that perhaps this is what spring looks like in Winterfell as well.

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small farm girl said...

That's some big chunks of ice!!!!