Friday, December 21, 2012

catch up

I'm sure y'all are tired of my excuses, but the last ten days have truly been a whirlwind! Let me try to catch you up.
Tuesday, the 11th. I worked in the morning in Bolton. Henceforth when I say I worked, assume it's a packed solid, totally filled up crazy work day, because they all have been. Everybody is trying to burn through their last bit of benefits before the year is out. Then it was my last meeting with the girl guides, very sad to say goodbye to my kids.
Wednesday, Grandma came over to mom's house and we pulled down all the haphazardly packed boxes in the garage from all the times I've move into and out of my parent's place. We washed up, inventoried and reorganized and repacked all the contents into sturdy rubbermaid containers that will make the trip well. That took pretty well all day.
Thursday was the pinnacle of my cold, or should I say the low point. I was certainly feeling low. Miserable. Like hammered turd. In spite of that, it was another crazy busy day at the office full of clients, and I got through every single one of them. Then I followed my friend and co-worker home to her place in Brampton and took full advantage of her hot tub (which felt fantastic. Cool, moist air to breathe, and luxuriously warm body. Getting out in the cold sucks though.) and then spent the night, because...
Friday morning, my Nana had her hip replaced, at the Brampton hospital. So I was there, bright eyed and bushy tailed (ok, bleary eyed and dragging my tail...) at 8 am, and sat with my dad and popa until we heard from the doctor that all went well, and she was out of surgery. They had to cut more soft tissue than they anticipated, so the poor ol girl's gonna have a long recovery process ahead of her, but she'll pull through it ok. By this point I was seriously doing the head nod, and I figured if I stuck it out much longer I'd end up sprawled out and snoring on the hospital floor, so I said my goodbyes, downed a strong coffee, and left before poor nana even woke up from the procedure. When I got home mom took one look at me standing in the hallway, weaving back and forth on my feet and staring transfixed and fascinated by a piece of pocket lint, and marched me straight up to her bed and tucked me in for a nap. I'm not sure if I just didn't sleep enough hours for the night time cold medicine to work through my system? Either way, I'm slightly terrified that I drove my car in that condition. When I woke up from my nap, it was time to meet with our officiant. His name is Gary Faris, and he had a lot of good ideas to offer us, and walked us through the ceremony. He's going to have a rehearsal with us the day before the wedding so that Andrew gets the chance to meet him too. Then I drove home to Newmarket.
Saturday afternoon, Andrew's mom hosted a bridal shower for me with their side of the family. She put on a lovely spread, learned that she doesn't care for making red velvet cake, and they all spoiled me right rotten with gifts. I got a kitchenaid stand mixer (yay!!!) in bright red, and a coffee maker to match it, along with kitchen wares, towels, sheets and blankets. I also got a bag from la senza, but rather than lacy panties they thought it would be funny to pack it full of long johns. Well, I'll certainly need those more where I'm going! Later in the evening a friend was hosting a passion party and there I bought myself some racier gifts. Merry Christmas to me! And to Andrew!
Sunday saw me heading back to Orangeville for a Christmas cookie swap hosted by one of my mom's friends. We had a lovely time, and we came home with 24 dozen cookies between us. Holy cookies!! Sunday was also the day that my sweetie went and scoped out our new digs. Our new home will be a ground floor unit in a brand new building that has 6 units in total, and we're the first tenants! There are three bedrooms, a bathroom with a tub (woohoo!!), a nice big open kitchen. There are hardwood floors throughout, except in the kitchen where it's ceramic tile. It doesn't come furnished, or have appliances, but we'll figure that all out when we get there. We were happy to learn that Moosonee has a Brick. I do like that there's a laundry room in our unit. That will be very nice.
Monday I had a lovely lunch with my boss from the Newmarket office. Boy can that woman ever cook! It was the best meal I'd eaten all week (and probably the longest stretch of time I'd alloted to the task of eating). After that I scurried off to the Bolton office for another full day.
Tuesday I worked in the morning, and then Bernie took me to the spa, we went shopping, had dinner, and then she took me to see war horse. It was INCREDIBLE!! So moving, such a touching story, and such astounding puppetry. You totally lose sight of the fact that there are three men right there on the stage operating each of the horses, you just see the horse come to life. They did an incredible job of catching the nuances of their movements and mannerisms, it was absolutely mesmerizing. I'm so lucky to have such great friends.
Wednesday morning we had the cap and rack put on Andrew's truck that will make our move a whole lot easier. I have to say it looks really good, and makes his little truck look a whole lot bigger. And then I realized how incredibly close we're getting to christmas and figured I'd better brave the mall and get a start on my shopping.
Thursday I got caught up on some paperwork and correspondences I've been letting fall by the wayside, went back to the mall to pick up the shirt that goes with dad's suit, worked all afternoon in Bolton, went home to Orangeville, helped mom sew the crinoline to go under my dress, and picked out the songs we'll be playing that day.
Today started off by taking Ian shopping for a suit jacket to wear to the wedding, shopped some more for Christmas presents and the wedding, then came home and decided to tidy up this messy bedroom of ours somewhat. I've been doing a lot of back and forthing, and staying over night places, so there were myriad bags that had been packed and then abandoned, as well as gifts hanging about, laundry I hadn't dealt with etc. And then, since my parents/grandparents are keeping my car, they decided to void it of all my personal belongings while they were here. All kinds of bags and boxes and such and nonsense were hiding out there as well. I haven't emptied all of the boxes and bags, but at least you can walk through the place now. And besides, it's silly to put things all away only to pull them back out and start packing them right? Tomorrow when I have more energy I'll set up a couple boxes... bathroom, kitchen, office etc and start sorting the mountain of stuff accordingly.

And that's my last couple weeks in a nutshell!

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