Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bean Soup

Tonight I made bean soup for dinner. I had a package of mixed beans, legumes and barley in the cupboard, so I cooked up a cup of them in salted and peppered water and then added carrots, onions and a little chopped ham. I wasn't expecting it to be much besides filling, what with not having anything more than salt pepper and vegetables to flavour it with. Normally I'd start off with a broth of some sort, or at least add a bunch of herbs. It very much surprised me though. Not only was it warm and hearty, but I actually really liked the taste! When I got too hungry to wait, some of the larger beans in the mix were still a bit crisp in the middle, but I actually didn't mind the texture they lend. In fact, I may just have to dip up a second bowl before my client gets here!

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